How many characters fit on first line of Instagram caption

Social media networks typically place character limits on the texts that users use to promote their content on those platforms. Character limit makes your post appear clean, crispy, less cluttered, more engaging. But you may feel like the social media character limit is restricting you at times.

Here’s your Instagram character limits guide, covering important details about caption limit, username limit, bio limit, and hashtag limit on the social network. 

What Is Instagram Character Limit? 

Instagram has a character limit for captions, bio, hashtags, and username. The good news is that unlike Twitter, Instagram is more flexible when it comes to the character limit for captions, providing you enough space to convey your message. And if you are a marketer or influencer who wants to explore the details about the character restrictions, this guide is for you.

Instagram Captions Limit

As an Instagram user, you know how important captions are when it comes to creating post engagement. Instagram allows you to write longer posts than many other social networking sites. However, there’s still a limit on the maximum amount of words you can put there. 

Instagram has set the character limit for captions at 2,200 characters. While you can consume all of these characters to make the most out of your Instagram captions, many users prefer shorter captions. More extended captions are considered boring, time-consuming, and less interesting. 

It is a good idea to keep your captions below 125 characters to attract more eyeballs on Instagram and generate engagement. This has been endorsed by Social Report. Your audience will have to tap “See more” if your caption exceeds this limit. And unless they are your loyal fans or have Instagram addiction, chances are they will lose interest. 

So, the key here is to keep your captions short and sweet to create engagement, which can trigger Instagram algorithms to show your content to more people. 

Instagram Hashtag Limit

Instagram’s hashtag feature can be your powerful marketing tool if used properly. Hashtag limit is different from the character limit on the platform. Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags, no matter if you choose to add them in the caption or in the comments section. 

When it comes to the ideal number of hashtags, expert opinions are different. But according to a new study, social media posts with hashtags above 11 create more engagement. In any case, make sure the hashtags are relevant to your content. While Instagram will show you related hashtags, it’s also a good idea to Google popular hashtags in your niche to go with your posts.

Instagram Character Limit for Bio

Instagram’s limit for your bio is 150 characters, which is enough to accommodate your basic information. Things you should consider adding in your bio include your name, age, location, and brief information about your niche or business. Also, consider adding a clickable link of your website or a call to action in your bio, especially if you have a business account. 

If there’s more space left, you can put your favorite quote or additional information about yourself in there. You are free to use a minimum amount of characters in your bio. Many Instagram influencers write nothing except their name in their bio and still make an impact. But it is better to put enough information in your bio. 

Instagram Character Limit for Username

Last but not least, there is a character limit for your Instagram username. You’re allowed to use a maximum of 30 characters for your username. This shouldn’t be a serious issue because you can easily come up with a username within this limit.

How many characters fit on first line of Instagram caption

You don’t necessarily need to include your complete name in your username because there is the bio section for that. But it is vital to choose a username under 30 characters, relevant to your profile and content. For example, if you’re promoting hairstyles, your username could be @newhairstyles or @besthairstyles. 

The character limit on Instagram DM is 1000 characters.

Many Instagram users wonder whether there is a trick to increase their caption, bio, username, and hashtag limit. To exceed character limits on Instagram tell your followers to read more about your topic by going to the link in your bio. Fortunately, there are tricks to go around the limits placed on captions and bio, but for username and hashtag, we think that the allowed characters counts are more than enough. You’re less likely to choose a username that exceeds 30 characters or add more than 30 hashtags in status updates. 

While 2,200 characters are enough for writing a good caption, sometimes we all feel like it is limiting our potential. If you want to go for longer posts, there is a trick for it: keep writing your caption until you have consumed the 2,200 character counts. Next, post your content and add the remaining caption in the comments section. Of course, you must direct your followers to the comments section for the remaining caption. 

Many people feel like the Instagram character limit keeps their social media posts from generating engagement. Others wouldn’t agree, but if you think that it is happening, consider implementing the ideas provided above to overcome the caption character limit. Also, there are other methods to increase engagement on the platform. 

Consider asking questions in your captions. When you show interest in the status updates, lives, and viewpoints of other Instagram users, they’re more likely to return the favor. They can reciprocate with liking your post, commenting, and even sharing your status updates. By doing so, your engagement score will rise, and Instagram will push your content to more users. 

When it comes to your Instagram bio, there’s no trick within the app to increase your character limit. However, you can tell your followers to read more about you by placing a link in your bio that directs users to an external site or page that has more information about you or your business. Be sure to shorten the URL to avoid running out of space. For example, you can direct users to your Wikipedia page, website, or online biography for more information. 

The methods explained above are legitimate and safe. They do not violate the terms and conditions of the network, meaning you’re not going to face an action block. 

Instagram Unfollow Limit

If you’re an Instagram user and came here looking for Instagram unfollow limit, keep in mind that there’s no official word from Instagram on this subject. But we have found that the daily Instagram unfollow limit is set at 200 per day, which means 20 follows and unfollows per hour is safe for Instagram accounts. 

By crossing the unfollow limits or using Instagram bot, you may risk facing an action block that can get your account suspended or banned. Remember, never use illegitimate methods to increase your Instagram followers. Always go for the safer methods like organic Instagram growth service. 


Now that you’re all set to determine the ideal number of characters for Instagram accounts, make sure to do so with your target audience in your mind. The platform has established the character limits for some solid reasons, especially user engagement. But like many things in marketing, it is not hard science. You are free to experiment with different strategies and follow this guide to make the best out of your Instagram account.

Have you ever spent extra time writing a beautiful caption to wow your followers on Instagram, only to find out that, after publishing your perfect post, it has become a clutter of unreadable text, hashtags, and emojis? 

We have all been there, done that! It is frustrating. Did you know that 95 million posts are shared on Instagram daily?

How many characters fit on first line of Instagram caption

Without adding proper Instagram caption spacing, the visual appearance of these posts or feeds will lose the potential to attract and inspire your audience.

Well, adding Instagram caption spacing isn’t rocket science. Still, many people have trouble getting it right. In fact, it’s actually super easy and will take you no extra time.

So, kiss your caption concerns good-bye! Because we’re here to help you on how to create Instagram caption spacing a breeze.

Let’s dig in!

Note: There is a limit on the number of characters for each text on Instagram, for captions, it is 2,200 and every line-space will be counted as a character.

Write Your Instagram Caption Out on a Note-taking App First

You probably know by now, that it’s impossible to add a paragraph and line spacing within Instagram. This app publishes your post automatically with zero-spaced formatting.

How many characters fit on first line of Instagram caption

Even if you press ‘Enter’ while typing the caption, any kind of edits you made will disappear once you hit “Post!”

So, how can you add spaces in your Instagram captions for a post?

*Here is a trick* Instead of directly writing your caption on Instagram, try writing it on one of your phone’s Note-taking app (or a similar app – email drafts can be a good option as well!) first.

How many characters fit on first line of Instagram caption

You can then copy and paste your caption draft into the app while publishing a new post.

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Make Line Breaks using Symbols

The simplest way to add spaces in your Instagram captions is by using symbols.

You can use special characters like a dash (-), star (*) as well as various emojis wherever you require a line break and these special characters will work as a space between caption sentences.

The only issue with this option for adding Instagram caption spacing is that these symbols or characters will be visible to everyone, which might make the caption a little messy for some people.

Try Hiding Your Hashtags With Period (.)

Even though hashtags are used for placing your Instagram posts on relevant search streams where different users including your followers can view it, they tend to make captions look really messy. 

One common hack is to push your hashtags under the visible area of the caption by including full-stops. i.e “spaces” between the end of your caption and hashtags.

How many characters fit on first line of Instagram caption

It will hide your hashtags under the “See More” section so that users will have to click on it in order to see the full caption including hashtags. This is a good way to increase user engagement on your post as well!

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Using Spacing Generator Apps

There are multiple text spacer app and tools for Instagram that are common workarounds for adding space in captions. You just have to install or download them on your device and Instagram caption spacing will be a piece of cake!

Here are a few apps that can be used for the perfect caption spacing:

  •  Hashtagie: With Hashtagie you can simply type, copy or paste your caption and make it look exactly how you want it to look on Instagram.
  • GramSpacer: GramSpacer allows you to create beautiful line spaces for Instagram captions, comments, and bios.
  • Insta-Spacer: Insta-Spacer is a great tool that allows you to add multi-Line spaces to Instagram captions without using awkward characters like ‘.’ ‘-‘ etc.
  • Tailwind: Tailwind lets you customize style, length, and insert space-lines automatically while you write your Instagram caption.

How many characters fit on first line of Instagram caption

Will these practices work for Instagram bios and comments as well?

Yep, these hacks will also work for all Instagram bios and comments.

But, you still need to keep in mind about the character limits that Instagram has on every single one of these text entries you feed in.

Pro tip- To make your Instagram bio more engaging, you can now add a single link consisting of multiple links like products, affiliate, brand collaboration pages, websites, other social media profiles, videos, and more using elink.

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Instagram caption spacing not only improves readability and understanding of a particular post but also make it visually appealing for your follower to stop scrolling and take a look.

You can choose from any of the hacks mentioned above, depending on what’s most convenient for you.

Have you ever faced a similar issue related to adding spaces in your Instagram captions? If yes! Let us know in the comments below.

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How many characters fit on first line of Instagram caption

How many characters fit on first line of Instagram caption